ZARA's T-Shirts with my photos!!!

I should have make this post a couple months ago when they just appeared in Zara stores. It was strange to go into a store and see them there. These shirts sold out quickly in our city, but I have not met one person in one of them.
I bought one for my 12-year-old niece.
This photois is from the series on the roof
Another one from here
Generally, another T-shirt coming soon!
And thank you, Leticia)))

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Yajaira said...

i like the shirts with the print

Selma Selimovic said...

Hahahaha, and how do you feel about it ;)
I will buy one, if I find them in Zara.

Great photos you make.

scissor-sisters said...

I avoided like the plague stands where these t-shirts were hanging, watched from a distance only.

thank you, Selma

Anonymous said...

how did u come to this cooperation?
funny though they didn't want to advertise for IKEA (edited all signs away) :)

Daniella said...

Did they ask for your permission? I know a lot of bloggers such as Le-blog-de-Betty they have stolen the images without asking.
They look really good though!

martha said...

this is so cool !!
I want one!!

scissor-sisters said...

They wrote me an email. At first I treated this with skepticism, but then I thought that I didn't lose anyway.
Ikea is a trademark and can not be used by someone else, except rights holders. It is impossible - for one company use the trademark on the other.

scissor-sisters said...

Daniella, yes of course, they asked for permission.

I watched Le-blog-de-Betty, but a post about it is in the closed access - which means that the problem is solved.
I remember the scandal, when Chloe used the belt from Yves Saint Laurent in an advertising company. The same happened with the a group Vampire Weekend, when they put the album cover retro photo of unknown girl (a girl showed up and filed in court)

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