Green leo

Long skirts are sold in all stores, to find the perfect is not easy. This skirt was made by a dressmaker by Tanya's design.
001 copy
002 copy
003 copy
004 copy
008 copy
009 copy
010 copy
skirt Tanya's own design, top Mango, bag Zara, flats New look, chaplet Marmalato, earrings Diva

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Selma Selimovic said...

Your maxi animal dress is perfect.
I am trying to find a nice one,
but it is a mission impossible in the city where I live.

So I found an old one in my mothers wardrobe.

scissor-sisters said...

I agree that finding an appropriate maxi dress / skirt difficult. They are mainly sold in beach style

JeezyBelle said...

love it!

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