Outfit: Louise Grey for Asos dress

I saw this dress in the winter. But I did not have any opportunity to wear such dress in the cold Siberian winter. But a miracle, it remained up to the sale! It's my favorite for this summer. I'm tormented conscience a bit, because it leather, but ... I live in a country where almost every woman has a fur coat.
It looks great without any additions. But I like to wear it with a T-shirt (underneath) and some jewelry on the neck.
LOUISE GREY for ASOS dress, ZARA t-shirt, ASOS necklace, ASOS creppers

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Filipa said...

the dress is perfect, i wish i had one like that.
once i saw a skirt in winter and i was really lucky because it was on sale few months later. Love the blog, i'm definitely following! x

Claire said...

Hooooly moly, I am so glad I found your blog. Your photography is incredible! And this whole look is gorgeous, just damn.


scissor-sisters said...

Filipa, another luck with this dress -it was a bit expensive in the season, but sale price was funny (about $100 for leather dress!)

scissor-sisters said...

thank you very much, Claire))))

Catherine Lilith C. said...

like this styling very much.

let me invite you on my blog: catherinelilith.blogspot.com

scissor-sisters said...

thank u, Catherine)))

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