Casual Leo

We have read in some report that at the last London Fashion Week, the leopard was the new black. Well, actually, this coloration perfectly combined with all the casual outfits of any colors. Leopard combinated with hakki looks just perfect!

Top Queen's Wardrobe
Shorts Zara
Boots&Socks Topshop
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Jess ♡ said...

Absolutely in love with the simplicity! And you have fantastic hair <3

Fashion Queen said...

Great outfit.

Vanja Milicevic said...

great look!

Blackswan said...

this top is ah-mazing!! i like how it's not fully leopard and how it has baseball-top like sleeves!

great shots as always!

come drop by for a visit,


x Your Only Blackswan

Daisy said...

Gorgeous!!! Simple as that!


scissor-sisters said...

yeah.we agree with u, Lauren)this top is good finding! Thanx

scissor-sisters said...

Thank u gyus))

Anna Tsurkan said...

отвал башки)))
но самое striking - это броовиии)))

scissor-sisters said...

о да. люблю красить брови))

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