Try on different glasses as a hobby

This is probably the most strange jacket we've ever seen. Because it is not actually a jacket, but vest with a kind of cloak, but it looks like a jacket.
Vest-jacket-bolero Queen's Wardrobe
Shirt Zara
Jeans Cheap Monday
Wedges Givenchy
It looks very graphically from the back.
Besides we have shoot a video, soon we will mount it and then post it this week. Honestly, its very cute, Eleanora even sang a song.

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Jess ♡ said...

These are stunning photos! You have such striking features :)!

Fashion Queen said...

Gorgeous photos. Love the second outfit.

Natalie said...

this jacket is a great find, so different but very current.

Enchanted/Marina said...

I think that jacket thing looks really cool actually. Like the rest of the outfit as well, very simple but still cool and chic.
You are really pretty as well (:

G. said...
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G. said...

i must say a really adore your blog for a long time.
since i´ve seen your blog for the first time , it became my favourite blog ever, true. i think your photos would be great for a front pages of the magazines, i like their ,,atmosphere", colours , and everything. But i completely adore your style (!!!) and colorful lipsticks... You are really amazing, a big thumbs up with blogging.
Your (biggest:D) follower, Gabrielle.

scissor-sisters said...

Gabrielle, thanks a lot.We are very grateful for your kind words. We will do our best for continue to please you)

scissor-sisters said...

Thanks to all.We w had no doubt that u will like this jacket)

FashionLifeCoach said...

The blazer jacket does look fantastic and is nailed down on my wish-list at once. later, FashionLifeCoach

Sally said...

Those shoes are stellar.

meghan said...

The jacket is so cool

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