Giant cat's paws + 2 videos

I borrowed this cat feet from my niece.
evil kitten
Olya perfectly portrays an evil kitten.

I wore them all day - passers-by were at a loss (besides the day was cold). We were going to a lecture about fashion. I imagined how it should be fun to prop up the head Huge cat's paw and listen carefully with a serious face. Unfortunately a lecture relocated. Ironically, we were at the concert "Dog Blues" and this place is called the "Stray Dog"
This is the moment when the leading announces the name of the concert.

cat blues from scissor sisters blog on Vimeo.

These gloves can be represented by two fat rabbits that sit back. I do not know what they're doing on this video, but I think it's something indecent

two fat rabbit from scissor sisters blog on Vimeo.

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