Parliamentary elections in Russia, WTF???

I know that writing in this blog about politics a little strange, but I have here's tag "fun", so I'll try.
Yesterday in Russia held parliamentary elections. Political activity of ordinary citizens was very high (people become volunteers, observers, simply agitated in the social networks and blogs). The main tendency was a VOTE FOR ANY PARTY except the party "United Russia" (Putin, Medvedev). "United Russia" often called the Party of crooks and thieves.
As a result - the elections were held with appalling fraud and United Russia won (about 50%)
It's fun photos from the night air of the main Russian news channel (financed and controlled by the government), when the voting results announced by the various administrative districts (the first point in the table - United Russia, red - the wonders of mathematics)
Parliamentary elections in Russia, WTF???
Parliamentary elections in Russia, WTF???
Parliamentary elections in Russia, WTF???
Parliamentary elections in Russia, WTF???
On election day, the sites of many independent media become unavailable, still not available the site of independent watchdog elections "Voice" and their project "Map of the violations". The election results are absolutely rigged.
If you want to read more about the elections in Russia and violations - here brief chronology in English (with Google translator)

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Lidiya said...

I have also wrote about this in my blog, I feel very shocked about what has happened. But of course it is no surprise the United Russia won, everybody knew this - so sad the elections were rigged(((

The Fashion Cloud said...

Thanks for this! I quite like when fashion blogs talk politics after all it is also very important and of interest



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What a great find! Your blog is breathtaking, keep it up! Gonna visit it more often in future ;)

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