Absolutely crazy nail lacquer

I have ignored the lacquers with large sequins. They seemed to me childish. Until this moment ...
First, I fell in love with the O.P.I. Nicki Minaj Collection, especially in the "Save me" color. But I did not find it in any store. Secondly, I think this nail lacquer - a great combination with all pretty pastel things. And thirdly, I found a similar lacquer from winter holiday's "Muppets" collection. This is O.P.I. Rainbow Connection. In the sun it really reflects a rainbow, in the shadow looks like a metal. (it's more impressive in real life than in pictures)
I'll add a few words in Russian about where to buy OPI lacquers in my town.
Где купить лаки O.P.I. в Новосибирске:
1. ЦУМ, 2 этаж, территориально это над баром с фрешами у эскалатора (тут вероятнее всего найти новинки).
2. МЕГА, Douglas, находиться на углу возле сцены.

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Joana Chaves said...

I have a similar one I bought from H&M, but have yet to try. If it looks half as good as yours, I'll be happy! Yours is great :)

- Joana

scissor-sisters said...

Thank u, Joana)))

"Deborah Lippmann" has a large selection of lacquers with glitter and they look very cool. I want one, but they are not sold in Russia:(

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