Little perfection for $ 45

Ethnic print reached the mass-mareket of the brends. But its so blankly, except for H & M, perhaps. But the Pendleton brand chose the ethnic print as trademark. Perhaps the reason for this is the nationality of designers !!!!!!! but I'm too lazy to search for confirm this info in the Internet.
In any case, they allways have outfits with such bright, saturated, native print, but not stylization.
from openingceremony.us 45$
So its suits very much to this girl from The Sartorialist.

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Unknown said...

I am addiccted to the folk inspired pattern, regardless if printed and webbed on bags, on capes or on traditional poncho styles. later, FashionLifeCoach

scissor-sisters said...

similarly. And anyway, tired of high heels, makeup, sometimes you want to relax on the stay a bit like a hippie girl in the last photo.

Unknown said...

It is perfect.

Estefania said...

love the bags!!!!


simone leblanc said...

So very lovely! Such perfection at an affordable price. ;)

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