We made video!

As we promised in a latest post- we shot video! We must say that everything is not as great as we wanted, cause this is our first video. First experience in video-edit and honestly there are a lot of things had to do first.
But we like it so much, soon we will make another one!

after hours from scissor sisters blog on Vimeo.

Song - The Velvet Underground "After Hours"

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Just a little girl. said...
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Just a little girl. said...

Make more video please.This is sooo funny and beautiful.I love it.

Ninotschkah El Gato Cafe said...

soooo cute! more pleasee

ohsoboheme said...

you are incredible girls :) this one was sooo cute!


Owww woooww! You did such a great job! It could easily be the videoclip for this song :)
I so so love you girls!

Sjanna from wehavebeenexpectingyou

Flowerbomb said...

You are so beautifull!^^ Cool video!

G. said...

so amazing girls :) i have to watch this again :)
love, G.

Anonymous said...

love it sooo much :) and the song! Edie Sedgwich rocks, and you can actually sing very well! :)

Anonymous said...

I love this so much! You girls are amazing, I love your blog!

Visit my blog?

Anonymous said...

You guys are soooo cute!!!!!!

scissor-sisters said...

oh yeah, this is one of the favorite songs. when we were shooting these little video moments, we knew that we choose it as musical accompaniment.

Very Many Thanx to you all)))))

scissor-sisters said...

forgot to say ... Of course we'll make some more videos soon.

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