Just another video: Mew

I continue to practice making videos and editing. Attempt number three.
I found the application of those feathers that we collected on the beach, finally.

mew from scissor sisters blog on Vimeo.

Model - Kristina Nechepurenko (ESKIMO Russia)
Music - Ratatat - Mahalo


Mustard jeans and leopard

Mustard is my new favorite color. I don't forget about the brown and beige, but I already have enough the clothes of these colors. The shops sold a lot of things various shades of brown, except mustard (or at least a yellow). I found only a mustard-colored jeans (win!).

Jeans - Pull&Bear
Bag - Lucyd Acyd
Coat and boots - Topshop
DSC_0895 copy
DSC_0937 copy
DSC_0931 copy
This bag from Lycyd Acid is now my favorite. Firstly, it fits the camera with a bag for camera. Second, you can put everything else in small pockets - from cosmetics to phone. I would say this is the ideal blogger-bag.
DSC_0917 copy
mustard pants from Pixie Market
Karla's closet & Hanneli


Video: how to make the "koralya" (traditional Russian grandmothers hairstyle)

DSC_0074 copy
Sorry, that without a sound and comment on video, it would have been difficult and not very clear. You can make that hairstyle single-handed, but it's better if someone helps you. You'll need just scrunchy, hairpins (in the form of letter U), hairspray and of course a hairbrush.

how to make the "koralya" (traditional Russian grandmothers hairstyle) from scissor sisters blog on Vimeo.

Sasha as a model. You should remember her for this photoshoot.
DSC_0046 copy
DSC_0165 copy
DSC_0146 copy
DSC_0255 copy
DSC_0561 copy
DSC_0446 copy
DSC_0323 copy
DSC_0270 copy
DSC_0264 copy
DSC_0573 copy
DSC_0384 copy
DSC_0184 copy


Lost in translation

More detailed lesson of Russian, we wanted to make it for a long time. And Etnie has drawn that the "yellow blue bus"
yellow blue bus by Etnie
The yellow blue bus by Etnie

Probably, someone read small Note sideways. It sound imitative translit. On these phrases the Hollywood actors study Russian pronunciation. That Russian-speaking people have understood you, it is necessary to say that part that goes the first, and that it will mean that for the Russian-speaking goes in the second part, don't mix.

Useful phrases:
Yellow Blue Bus = I love you
Horror Show = OK, well, allright, good
Our device is Korea = dress quickly!
Bread = ramble, talk a rot, talk through the back of one's neck, fantasy, phantasy.
What can I do = I'll find vodka!
Peace dish = lie!
Chop is dish = Why are you lying? Are you lying?
Peace door ball = liar, deceiver
Near bird = is of no concern, I couldn't care less, I don't care a scrap! it doesn't get me, I am distinctly underwhelmed

Simply words:
Serve Coffee = church, chapel
My On Ass = mayonnaise
Chess Knock = garlic
Red is = radish
True Bar = pipe, tube
Pale Man = potsticker, pelmeni, meat pockets, ravioli
Blue Water = vomiting
Tall chalk = push, shock, jolt, impulse, impact or toilet

Abuse lexicon:
Peace Death = it's a f***ing disaster! f***-up
Your bunny wrote - skull f**ked, f**ked in the head
More dark - a*sh*le, motherf***er
Some more dark - you yourself a*sh*le

And there are some lyrics, Russian love poetry
You can sing to itself under a nose "The Chair Is Warm" (= vesper-bell) in the evening or to read a line from the Mayakovsky poem:
Is very well, is very badly (=The beast roared, and the animals ate)



We recently gave an interview for GABRIELLE's blog cloudedwithdirt. We was so cheerful that day. So read, it's pretty funny.
And one more news. Someone have noticed that Eleanora is absent, so she left. but she will be back soon.

But we are making the video.