Lost in translation

More detailed lesson of Russian, we wanted to make it for a long time. And Etnie has drawn that the "yellow blue bus"
yellow blue bus by Etnie
The yellow blue bus by Etnie

Probably, someone read small Note sideways. It sound imitative translit. On these phrases the Hollywood actors study Russian pronunciation. That Russian-speaking people have understood you, it is necessary to say that part that goes the first, and that it will mean that for the Russian-speaking goes in the second part, don't mix.

Useful phrases:
Yellow Blue Bus = I love you
Horror Show = OK, well, allright, good
Our device is Korea = dress quickly!
Bread = ramble, talk a rot, talk through the back of one's neck, fantasy, phantasy.
What can I do = I'll find vodka!
Peace dish = lie!
Chop is dish = Why are you lying? Are you lying?
Peace door ball = liar, deceiver
Near bird = is of no concern, I couldn't care less, I don't care a scrap! it doesn't get me, I am distinctly underwhelmed

Simply words:
Serve Coffee = church, chapel
My On Ass = mayonnaise
Chess Knock = garlic
Red is = radish
True Bar = pipe, tube
Pale Man = potsticker, pelmeni, meat pockets, ravioli
Blue Water = vomiting
Tall chalk = push, shock, jolt, impulse, impact or toilet

Abuse lexicon:
Peace Death = it's a f***ing disaster! f***-up
Your bunny wrote - skull f**ked, f**ked in the head
More dark - a*sh*le, motherf***er
Some more dark - you yourself a*sh*le

And there are some lyrics, Russian love poetry
You can sing to itself under a nose "The Chair Is Warm" (= vesper-bell) in the evening or to read a line from the Mayakovsky poem:
Is very well, is very badly (=The beast roared, and the animals ate)

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Raez said...

Haha, this was a fun read! love it, thanks for teaching us how to speak russian;) keep up the great blog, girls!

xx raez

Anonymous said...

Do you use online translation devices for your texts? A lot of things don't sound right somehow... (I'm not trying to be mean, but I couldn't understand a lot in the interview you did in your previous post as well..)

alethia said...

This is useful and funny :) ...you should do a video! can you? that would be LOVELY!

scissor-sisters said...

hi, anonymous
yes, you know, sometimes we too lazy to write in English and we use online translators, with minor amendments.
English and Russian are completely different in structure to syntax, so sometimes you may not be clear what we want to say, although we try to make it clear.
I think texts comprehensible for English speaker (I mean, someone who spoke in English, but language is not native)

scissor-sisters said...

Alethia, do you mean, we have to do a video lesson on the Russian language (useful and funny)?

rashid1891 said...

this is a very beautiful picture

rashid1891 said...

a good site .... and use full site. interning is video's

rashid1891 said...

R: You miss your friend so much from your school...
Jess: SH has a lot of worries...Speak to us if you have problems...

Kay k said...

I like this post!

Sophie said...

I learn both languages - english and russian and I´d like to tell you your article is amazing and really funny.
Anything like this hasn´t ever cross my mind but after repeating any words - for example: yellow blue bus etc. I had to laught:D

scissor-sisters said...

Sophie, I learned about these funny phrases in the summer. I often use them now, especially abuse -
it's ridiculous with the English accent.

Paul said...

Yellow Blue Bus = "я люблю Вас"
Serve Coffee = "церковь"
Horror Show = "хорошо"
Near Bird = "не еб#т"
The Chair Is Warm = "Вечерний звон"
My On Ass = "Майонез"
Chess Knock = "Чеснок"
True Bar = "Труба"
Our device is Korea = "Одевайся скорее"
Pale Man = "Пельмень"
Blue Water = "Блевота"
Tall chalk = "толчок"
Peace Duke = "Пи#дюк"
Peace Death = "пи#дец".
Chop is dish - "Чо пи#дишь"
Can You hear me?.. -- Ты можешь меня здесь?...
Manicure -- Деньги лечат
I’m just asking -- Я всего лишь король жоп
I have been there -- У меня там фасоль
Bye bye baby, baby good bye -- Купи купи ребенка, ребенок хорошая покупка
To be or not to be -- Две пчелы или не две пчелы
Oh, dear -- Ах, олень.
I’m going to make you mine -- Я иду копать тебе шахту
Finnish people -- Конченые люди
Good products -- Бог на стороне уток
Let’s have a party -- Давайте организуем партию
I’ve just saw your balance sheet -- Видел я ваш баланс... так себе баланс
Let it be! -- Давайте есть пчел!
I love you baby - Я люблю вас, бабы

:D are these your?

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